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Dartmoor Ebiking tailors every ride to you, 

From the menu below please choose which trip you wish to book.  From there you will be asked to fill in our booking where we gather all the information needed to tailor the ride to you. Once we have this, we will email you confirming the following. 

  • Date of your trip and start time 

  • A google link to the start point   

  • what to bring and wear  

We ask that EVERY rider reads our terms and conditions and acknowledges the risks detailed below. 

Terms and conditions 

We run trips all year round which means from time it can get a little wet on Dartmoor. We would love to be able to promise sunshine however a little rain won’t stop our trips from going ahead.  

If it becomes unsafe to run a trip due to the weather (this decision will be made by Dartmoor-ebiking), we will offer an alternative date or refund. If you for any reason you need to cancel your booking, we require three weeks' notice in order to receive a refund. 

Dartmoor-ebiking are responsible for delivering a fun and enjoyable experience to the all of our clients, this means we may need to adjust our routes according to groups ability. 

Ebike range is affected by cold weather, how many big hills you go up in “turbo,” riding surface, and rider weight.


If for any reason you need to cancel or move your booking we require a minimum of 21 days notice , unfortunately we cant give a refund if you cancel after this time.

Acknowledgement of risk

E biking involves risks, as with any physical activity the risk of injury is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. This carries with it, especially in mountainous areas, the risk of personal injury or even death. I am aware of and accept this risk, and that I take responsibility for my involvement and actions during the ride. During the ride I will listen and adhere to the instructions given by Dartmoor-ebiking.

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