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At dartmoor-ebiking we can deliver guided trips and coaching for riders with their own ebike. 

Ebike essentials

Ebikes are great at getting out into the wild, but do you have the skills to deal with the wild.  If you're new to Ebikes, let us help you gain these skills and get the most out of your ebike.  Our ebike essentials package includes:

-Tailored ride to your needs

-Basic navigation skills

-Route planning

-What to carry

-Trail side fixes

-Bike skills

£80 per head min two riders full day

To book please email us on

Guided trip with your own ebike 

If you're looking to get out, but unsure where to go, we're here to help.  We can run a guided ride for up to 6 People on Dartmoor and the Quantocks.  With over 15 years riding in the south west we are sure to help you find those secret gems. 

Half day ride for up to 6 riders.

£35 per rider Minimum of 3 riders 

To book please email us on

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